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WTF is my Aura Type!?

Kelsey Rose Tortorice
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[this workshop was originally taught live on june 25th, 2022]

there’s a lot of shitty and uninformed takes on type (and human design as a whole) out there, and a lot of people voicing that they're curious about human design but can't find solid foundational resources. this is why i created this workshop.

this workshop is a straightforward orientation (or for some, reorientation) to type that honors its nature as a synthesis of the human design system - which makes the mind shattering experience of attuning to the truth of oneself both easily accessible and sometimes annoyingly unable to be unseen.

you don’t have to like it. you don’t have to believe it. but if you want to understand wtf human design type even is, and get there in a felt, embodied, organic way that requires you to trust no one but your self, and doesn’t adhere to capitalistic principles, stop on by. 

questions focused on are:

  • wtf is human design?
  • wtf is an aura type?
  • wtf is my aura type, and what makes it so?
  • wtf is my strategy and also why tf is that my strategy? 
  • wtf is response, satisfaction, and frustration for a generator?
  • wtf is invitation, success, and bitterness for a projector?
  • wtf is informing, peace, and anger for a manifestor?
  • wtf is a lunar cycle, surprise and disappointment for a reflector?
  • wtf do we all experience, and wtf do we all not, according to type?

no prior human design knowledge is needed to get some answers to your what-the-fucks. the class is designed for the fully fresh newbie. however, those who have been learning a little about human design might still appreciate my specific way of articulating.

all are welcomed, from the brand new to the cynical to the seasoned experimenters. 

workshop purchase includes a 3.5 hr video recording plus a 61 page PDF of the workshop slides with lots of helpful graphics and information.

this recording does have closed captioning, but there is no transcription available as of yet. if you'd like to be notified when a transcription is available, please email

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WTF is my Aura Type!?

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