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WHAT TIMELORD IS IT? a profection party.

Kelsey Rose Tortorice
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WHAT TIMELORD IS IT? an overview of annual & monthly profections.

[this workshop was originally taught live on january 22nd, 2023]


there’s the shape of THE year and then there’s the shape of YOUR year. learn how to narrow down the immensity of astrological transits and focus on the aspects of the astro-weather that most apply to your personalized timing this (or any) year.

this is a semi-instructional, but mostly casual, and conversational hang out for astro-folks (newbies to pros) to learn, calculate, interpret, and discuss the ancient hellenistic timing technique of profections.

kelsey goes over:

  • what profections are
  • how to calculate yours for an entire year
  • interpreting transits according to your profections & timelords
  • what to look for in your own natal chart / natal promise according to your profections & timelords
  • suggestions for rituals, intentions, and themes for working with each of the traditional 7 planets as timelords

woven throughout the instructional components listed above is lots of discussion, personal reflections, and chart examples from live participants.  

included with the ~1 hr 50 min workshop video is:

  • workshop slides
  • a variety of worksheets for laying out an astro-calendar year's worth of profections & timelords, plus option to pull oracle/tarot cards
  • kelsey's houses cheat sheet
  • annual profections wheel
  • outline of planetary movement in 2023

 this recording does not have closed captioning or transcription available as of yet. if you'd like to be notified when these become available, please email

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purchasing this workshop replay will grant you: access to the ~2 hr 43 m lecture, the PDF of the workshop slides, an outline of 2023 planetary movement, worksheets, and additional visual references


WHAT TIMELORD IS IT? a profection party.

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