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Karmic Recalibration: A Workshop on the Lunar Nodes and Eclipses

Kelsey Rose Tortorice
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this workshop was originally taught live on april 24th, 2022.

the lunar nodes are the points at which the sun and the moon cross paths. a place where our eternal nature gets tangled up with our present incarnation, and vice versa. 

every year and half, the nodes shift from one pair of signs into another. the sign polarity that housed the lunar nodes at the time of your birth signifies a flavor of duality in which you are experiencing karmic recalibration in this life. the place where the nodes transit in real-time signify a phase of collective re-orientation. 

new moons and full moons that take place near the  lunar nodes are called ECLIPSES. these events mark the most notable moments and energies of the larger year and half long phases of recalibrations correlated to the nodal transits.

this workshop will orient participants to the basic astronomical and astrological symbolism of:

  • the luminaries (sun and moon)
  • the lunar nodes (north and south)
  • eclipses (solar, lunar)
  • the six pairs of signs / flavors of duality

and will cover the following interpretive principles of the nodes & eclipses:

  • natal nodal placements by sign
  • natal nodal placements by house
  • planets in aspect to the lunar nodes
  • tracking nodal transits through your birth chart
  • notable moments in the nodal cycle: nodal return, nodal reversal, nodal square 

this class is suitable for beginning and intermediate astrology students.

workshop purchase includes a ~3 hr video recording plus a 44 page PDF of the workshop slides with lots of helpful graphics and information.

this recording does not have closed captioning. if you'd like to be notified when captioning and a transcript are available, please email

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Karmic Recalibration: A Workshop on the Lunar Nodes and Eclipses

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