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Interdependence through the Cardinal Signs

Kelsey Rose Tortorice
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[this workshop was originally taught live on may 12th, 2022, with AFAN - the Association for Astrological Networking]

what if was entirely possible for every individual to live a life free of dissonant or misaligned compromise, and still contribute to their relationships, community, and the collective with integrity?

what if caring for one another could be an inherent part of our autonomous movement through the world rather than rooted in coercion, obligation, or guilt?

what if we knew we could always count on a return to social equilibrium even in a reality where conflict and rupture are inevitable?

what if our collective agreements in regards to how we care for and tend to our shared existence on this planet were rooted in and regularly refined in accordance with an equal prioritization of autonomy, unconditional love and compassionate care, and harmonious reciprocity?


with pluto in its last years transiting through capricorn and chiron passing through aries - its lengthiest zodiacal stay - there is immense and dynamic planetary weight in the cardinal parts of the sky.

we can observe the “as below” expression of this as we witness the collapse of established societal structures as well as the confrontation of personal agency towards exploitative systems and initiations into new approaches of relationality.

this workshop explores the concept of interdependence as a collaborative endeavor motivated by the perspective of each of the cardinal signs: aries, cancer, libra, and capricorn.

we reorient ourselves to the quality of cardinality in general as it pertains to themes of agency and responsibility, and consider how the priorities and values of aries, cancer, libra, and capricorn, although in seeming tense and contradictory relationship to one another, each have a necessary role in the process of our arriving to new, interdependent and liberatory systems for ourselves, our relationships, and the consciousness of the planet.

astrologers and astro-enthusiasts of all levels will be invited to explore their own relationships to these four cardinal perspectives as well as how the outer planetary transits through these signs symbolize both the macro collective-level shifts and the micro personal-level shifts taking place.

this class is suitable for all levels of astrologers and astrology students.

workshop purchase includes a 1 hr 45 min video recording plus a 44 page PDF of the workshop slides with lots of helpful graphics and information.

this recording does not have closed captioning. if you'd like to be notified when captioning and a transcript are available, please email

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Interdependence through the Cardinal Signs

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