Agent of Whom? A Workshop on the Chart Ruler

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we all have all of the planets and all the signs in our natal charts, and thus are whole entire beings experiencing all potential expressions of consciousness through our existence. AND, by nature of being incarnated, we are also individually tethered to certain fragments of that wholeness.

every single detail of your natal chart offers insights into how you experience and express consciousness through your lived existence, but one very significant placement that pretty much rules over the rest is your CHART RULER.

the “chart ruler” is also referred to as the LORD of the chart. i teach this as being the planet that you answer to, whose bidding you do. i have found through years of client counseling and observation that spending time in process with who your chart ruler is, what their agenda is, and what’s it like to be an agent of their mission, can offer big boosts of clarity and invite new flavors of self acceptance.

this workshop is geared towards beginning & intermediate astrology students &/or anyone who has been studying for a while, but whose understanding of the chart ruler has yet to click into place, &/or who is interested in building a more symbiotic relationship with their planetary ruler.

the only prerequisite is to know your rising sign!

we’ll cover both basic and slightly more advanced concepts as listed below, and spend the majority of the time workshopping our natal charts and in reflection. this workshop is less lecture and more experiential. 

basics covered:

  • zodiac signatures
  • planetary rulership
  • significance of the first house
  • the rising sign as your interface
  • how to find your chart ruler
  • overview of the seven traditional planets
  • the thema mundi
  • significance of the sign & house placement of chart ruler

more advanced concepts:

  • aspects to & from the chart ruler
  • essential dignity
  • working with your chart ruler by transit

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Agent of Whom? A Workshop on the Chart Ruler

0 ratings
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